Corporate Motto & Philosophy

Corporate Motto

What has made Kiguchi Technics improve since its foundation is the idea “Reciprocal Kindness”. What we mean by that is that a sense of appreciation is important, but to take an action to reciprocate kindness is more rewarding. As such, we very much appreciate relationships with our customers, our staff and their families, and will use their favor to take great steps forward.

Reciprocal Kindness

Corporate Philosophy

Our intention is to provide our customers with the best support for safe and reliable manufacturing.

President’s Message

Shigeki Kiguchi

It is our responsibility to evaluate materials for our clinents to ensure their safety for their customers and society. As such, I believe we must be fully trusted and evaluated by the companies and people we work for.

Kiguchi Technics was founded as a small polishing company more than 50 years ago, and has been expanding its services by establishing unique, advanced technologies as an independent material testing laboratory. We believe that the provision of this expertise throughout our company history is our promise to our customers.

Kiguchi Technics has been not only enhancing the technical abilities of our dedicated and enthusiastic staff but also investing heavily in state-of-the-art facilities and equipment. One of our most important business strategies was to obtain Nadcap (National Aerospace and Defense Prime Contractors Accreditation Program) to expand our services to the aerospace industry throughout the world.

Kiguchi Technics will go out of its way to always provide the best solutions and satisfactions to its customers.

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