Metallographic Evaluation

Microstructural Observation

Microstructures are different from materials and vary depending on materials and heat treatment. Microstructural observation can identify the specific material and heat treatment conditions used in the specimens with magnification of 12.5~ 1000 and also check if the required material and heat treat conditions are achieved comparing with the reference sample. To perform such testing, mirror-like polishing and etching on an examined surface are important, which requires empirical skills and knowledge.

  • Microstructural Observation

Grain Size Evaluation

Metallic materials are units of grains, whose size will have an influence on strength and toughness of materials. There are some methods for measuring grain size such as comparative and intercept method.

  • Grain Size Evaluation

Non-Metallic Inclusion Evaluation

Material properties such as strength, are affected variously by non-metallic inclusions such as Al, Si, Mn and Mg depending on their size and amount. Such inclusions are evaluated by size, amount and configuration.

  • Non-Metallic Inclusion Evaluation