Mechanical Testing

For metallic and composite materials, various mechanical properties such as strength, toughness, and fatigue are tested and evaluated.

Tensile Testing

Tensile testing is to evaluate the strength and ductility properties of material. We can offer the strain measurement with a non-contact extensometer or strain distributions measured by DIC (Digital Image Correlation).

  • Tensile Testing
  • Tensile Testing

Fatigue Testing

A combination of MTS systems with high control and alignment accuracy, as well as professional skills and insight, achieves high repeatability of testing.

Fracture Toughness Testing

We can offer fracture toughness evaluation in accordance with ASTM E399 and E1820 under the temperature of -100℃~800℃.

Crack Propagation Testing

Crack Propagation Testing is available in accordance with ASTM E647. Available specimen configurations are CT, MT, and SEN specimens. We can also provide crack length measurement and K-value control with MTS and FTA systems at elevated temperatures.

Creep and Stress-rupture Testing

Specimens extend as time passes under constant load at constant high temperature and finally rupture. Creep test is for determining the correlation between the length of a specimen and time to rupture with an extensometer. Stress-rupture test is used to obtain a result for the length of time to rupture, length and reduction of area after rupture, with no reference to extension rate. With those tests, strength and resistance properties under elevated high temperature can be evaluated.

  • Creep test systems 7.5~300kN
  • Creep test systems
  • Creep test systems

Other Tests

・Hardness Test (Brinell Hardness, Rockwell Hardness, Vickers Hardness)
・Charpy Impact Test (100J~500J)
・Rotary Bending Fatigue Test

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