Quality of machining specimens have a great impact on the test results. With our advanced machining skills, we can machine samples with high accuracy in reference to JIS and ASTM standards, and customer requirements.

Low Stress Grinding Technique

Low stress grinding technique, which is to minimize stress applied to inside the material, is utilized for aviation-related specimen preparation. When testing fatigue testing specimens, the circumferential surface, stress applied inside, and configurations greatly affect the test results. We use a cylindrical grinder to improve the quality of circumferential surface condition and minimize such stresses.

CNC Lathe

Rough machining of round bars and threading of grip section are performed with this machine. The machine we have installed is equipped with a special cramping system, which allows automation of such processes as center drilling of round bars and machining of outer diameters, and helps lessen lead time and reduce costs.

  • CNC Lathe
  • CNC Lathe
  • CNC Lathe

Machining Centre

A machining centre is used to machine square impact specimens. All surfaces and length of sectioned samples are machined with dedicated special fixtures, which enables shorter lead times.

  • Machining Centre
  • Machining Centre

Ultra micro Profile Grinding Machine

This is equipped with a digital microscope to allow very delicate machining such as the sequential procedures of measurement, correction, re-machining and re-measurement with high accuracy in micron. Also, it provides notch machining with minimum influences on specimens with grind stones. Moreover, a maintenance of precise notch configuration by dressing enables to keep notch machining accurately with NC control.

  • Ultra micro Profile Grinding Machine